Cosmetic product images

I want to share some essential tips if you’ve decided to photograph your products yourself.

Here are a few simple yet effective rules to help you achieve stunning results:

  1. Photograph near a window or outdoors during the day, using natural light. This will give your photos a soft and natural look that’s hard to achieve with artificial lighting.
  2. Avoid using artificial light. If it’s already dark or too cloudy outside, it’s better to reschedule the shoot for the next day. Natural light works wonders!
  3. Prepare in advance: choose your shoot ideas and select appropriate props. Create a small mood board for inspiration and planning.
  4. For DIY shoots, it’s best to use light and neutral backgrounds rather than bright and contrasting ones. A neutral background helps focus attention on the product without distractions.
  5. Use office putty to secure items that might roll around. This is a little secret from the pros!
  6. Take your time and be patient to find the right angle and proportions for each shot. Your perseverance will pay off.
  7. Group your products by size and photograph them in sequence, starting with the smallest and moving to the largest. This helps keep the shooting process organized.
  8. Learn the requirements of the platforms where you plan to upload the photos (e.g., Amazon’s image ratio is 1:1). Meeting these requirements will make uploading easier and improve your product’s visibility.
  9. If you plan to do color correction, do it moderately. The product should match its natural color to avoid returns. Honest and accurate images help build customer trust.
  10. The rest comes with practice. 

Remember, every shot is a step towards mastering the craft 🙌🏻

And if you don’t want to handle the photography yourself or want to achieve professional results without the hassle, I’m always here to help! My goal is to make your products look irresistible in photos.


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