Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Footwear images that elegantly showcase distinct style.
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Stylish images of makeup products crafted to make a lasting impression.
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Captivating images of cosmetics showcasing a range of color palettes.
Images of bread that pay tribute to the craftsmanship of bakers.
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Gourmet candy images tailored for confectionery brands.
An exquisite product image highlighting your culinary masterpiece.
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Images of vitamins in compositions that are both appealing and inviting.
Product images that capture candles in warm and inviting settings.
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Professional images of bags designed for fashion product brands.
Bag product images that highlight the versatile nature of the product."
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Captivating jewelry photos set against enchanting backgrounds.
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona
Product Photographer in Barcelona

Ready to book your personalized photography session?

Product photographer for Amazon

Product Photographer in Barcelona

I’m Marina.

An exceptional product photographer based in Barcelona, ready to bring your products to life. Distance is not a barrier, as I provide remote photography services worldwide.

I have more than 5 years of professional experience.

My work encompasses more than just beauty and composition; it emphasizes the essential aspects of selling and promoting your product. 

My main goal is to make customers fall in love with your product, creating high-quality visuals that drive sales and boost brand recognition.

How does it work?

  • Just fill out the brief
  • I’ll curate references for each item and present them in convenient mood boards
  • You can send me your products using any convenient shipping method, and I’ll return it to you after the photoshoot
  • I’ll handle the procurement of all necessary props and accessories from my extensive network of diverse stores
  • I’ll conduct the photoshoot
  • I’ll perform retouching
  • I’ll provide you with the photographs in the required format for uploading to the marketplace, social media platform, or website.
Product photographer for Etsy

My primary focuses lie  in cosmetics photography, jewelry photography, clothing photography, handbag photography, product catalog shoots, creative shoots, and food photography.

  • social network shoots
  • advertising shoots 
  • photography  for marketplaces (Amazon, Etsy, E-Bay) and online stores
  • food photography
  • photo editing 

I’m always open to considering any other opportunities and discussing the possibility of collaborating on different projects.

Shall we go over the details of your photo session?

High-end food photography focusing on culinary presentation.

Amazon Card

it’s a powerful sales tool that captures attention and inspires potential buyers. It’s the perfect way to showcase all the advantages and unique features of your product, presenting it in the best light. 

  • 2 photos for catalog presentation
  • 1 photo product in composition

from 50€ / card 

Cosmetic images that highlight the luxurious texture and top-notch quality.

Advertising Photo

Very high-quality photography used in advertisments. 

  • Complex scenes with various props
  • Special effects (water, splashes, smoke, light effects, levitation)
  • Creating scenery (imitation of the forest, beach, etc.)
  • High detail retouching

from 25€ / 1 photo

Captivating product images on models to bring your items to life.

Fashion Photo

High-quality photography used in catalogs, social media, and advertising.

  • Catalog and Invisible Mannequin Photography.
  • High-Quality Retouching.
  • For marketplaces, social media, websites, catalogs, and advertisements.

from 15€ / photo 

Close-up bread images that reveal the rich texture and flavor.

Food Photography

Сapture the essence of your dishes, showcasing them in a way that tantalizes taste buds and leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

  • for cafes, restaurants, and food businesses

20€ / 1 photo

200€ / hour 

Why me?

  • I am a professional product photographer who stays up-to-date with the latest trends. With extensive undefined knowledge and constant refinement of my skills
  • I excel in presenting products in the most captivating and advantageous perspectives, ensuring they catch the attention of potential buyers
  • I can take away the hassle of product photography

  • I have my own professional studio equipped with everything necessary for product photography
  • I’ll deliver the photos in the required format for your desired platform and I’ll do it quickly
  • I have a wide range of props and accessories for product and food photography

Leave all your worries to me and enjoy stunning product images hassle-free.


How long will the photoshoot take?

The shoot will be completed within 7 days on the date reserved for you. The number of shooting sessions depends on the volume of work.

How book a shooting date?

Please contact me through the provided form and select a date from the options I have suggested. The date is secured with a 150 euros deposit

How long will the retouching process take?

It will take 4-10 days after the completion of the shoot. Upon completion, you will receive preview retouched photos for final payment. After the remaining balance is paid, you will receive a download link for the files.

What about edits or revisions?

Changes can be made within 10 days upon receiving the finalized material.

How does the Project Workflow proceed?

  1. I receive a brief from you: sample shots, product list, and other important specifications for the shoot.
  2. I provide a project estimate (estimate delivered on the day the brief is submitted) and the timeline for completion.
  3. We agree on the budget.
  4. I propose several possible shoot dates, and you choose the most suitable one based on the readiness of your product.
  5. You review the contract.
  6. Upon receipt of a 150 euros deposit, I reserve the shoot date for you.
  7. You arrange for the delivery of the products, which should arrive at least one day before the shoot date.
  8. I conduct the shoot on the specified date.
  9. I return the products to your provided return address.
  10. I develop, color correct, and retouch your images.
  11. Upon completion, I send you preview images.
  12. You make the remaining payment.
  13. I send you a download link for the final images.
  14. You review the images, and if there are any questions or requested revisions, you send them to me for resolution.

What information is required for planning and pricing?

  1. Organization name (link to social media or website)
  2. Contact person (name, phone number, preferred messaging apps for communication, email)
  3. Subject of photography (what needs to be photographed)?
  4. Total number of items/products to be photographed?
  5. Photography session timeline and project delivery deadline?
  6. Location (in-studio or on-location shoot at the production site?)
  7. Intended use of the photos (print, outdoor advertising, or online only)?
Professional candle imagery for discerning shoppers

Fiorella Benitez 

I love your work 😍 I will look for you for the photos of my website in the future. You capture the essence and natural beauty of the photo ❣️❣️

Professional board game imagery for gaming brands


Thank you. It is so nice. I will use it in my web page and instagram.

Professional cosmetic imagery for beauty brands

Roselí Canedo

It is amazing to have such a good photographer around us when we go to a market (@market012) that fills our days with joy and gratitude! Thank you, Marina Mamonova, for the great pictures!

Jewellery photography, a must for jewellery brands.

Alla N

Marina, you’re a great! You take really cool photos! Thanks to you, I already have a lot of content for social media! Hugs!

Contact me

If you’re interested in booking a photography session, have any inquiries, or need guidance on any matter, please take a moment to complete the form below. 

I are committed to assisting you and will ensure thorough discussions and decisions to meet your needs. 

Thank you for reaching out, and I eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with you!

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tel: +34 657026480

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